Diffusion hope

Thank you for your good work.
It is a missing boy.
If you see it, please contact the Ohito Police Station

Flower dedication at the cenotaph by Kumasaka Elementary School

Kumasaka Elementary School laid flowers at the Kano River Typhoon Martyrs Memorial Monument.
#Kano River Typhoon #慰霊碑 #献花

64 years since the Kano River Typhoon

Good morning.
9On the 26th of May, 64 years have passed since the Kano River Typhoon.
In the hospital,We will be with you at the Kumasaka Ward memorial service of the Kano River Typhoon Memorial Tower.,Then in Kano River Memorial Park,We worshipped at the martyrs' memorial.

Tennis Court Availability

‎Good morning!
‎Tennis Court Availability
‎19:15〜20:45 Kano River ⁦‪#Tennis Classes‬⁩
‎The grounds are used ♪ by youth baseball

‎Let's work hard for another day!

Yuno Kokukan Cafeteria(Goen)

‎Good morning!

‎Auntie cafeteria in the Yuno Diet building(Goen)
‎9:30〜He does ♪ ramen in the morning
‎It's ♪ refreshing and delicious

‎It's hot, isn't it?〜Stay hydrated!
‎Let's work hard for another day!


Good morning.
It's going to be nice weather, isn't it?

The Japanese leek was blooming.

Let's do our best for one day today.

From the Izu Sogo High School Baseball Club

I asked ♪ you to post the news of the Izu Sogo High School baseball club

It seems that they have started publishing a club magazine to spread the word about the Izu Sogo High School baseball club to Izu (Peninsula)(^^♪
At Kanogawa Memorial Park, the children of the tennis club use it

I wish you all the best(^.^)/~~~