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High humidity...

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Tennis Courts Wednesday Half Price Day

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‎Tennis Courts Wednesday Half Price Day‬⁩
‎1時間.1面,Citizen 260.Outside the city 520

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Monk of Ryugenji Temple

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昨日が26日狩野川台風64年という事で伊豆の国市にある #龍源寺 の僧侶の方が慰霊碑にお経を上げに来てくれました♪
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Flower dedication at the cenotaph by Kumasaka Elementary School

Kumasaka Elementary School laid flowers at the Kano River Typhoon Martyrs Memorial Monument.
#Kano River Typhoon #慰霊碑 #献花

64 years since the Kano River Typhoon

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9On the 26th of May, 64 years have passed since the Kano River Typhoon.
In the hospital,We will be with you at the Kumasaka Ward memorial service of the Kano River Typhoon Memorial Tower.,Then in Kano River Memorial Park,We worshipped at the martyrs' memorial.

Cenotaph cleaning by Kano River Mokurenkurabu

23It is installed in our garden square by the people of Kumazaka who were scheduled for the day.
Kano River Typhoon Martyrs' Memorial(It is also located in Jitokuin)Cleaning was carried out.
Thank you all for your hard work(〃_ _)) Pekot…

Tennis courts with cancellation

13time〜16There was a cancellation on page 3 at the time.
Vacant ♪

Tennis Court Availability

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‎Tennis Court Availability
‎19:15〜20:45 Kano River#Tennis School
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‎3The weather was ♪ nice on the last day of the consecutive holidays.
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